Best Medela Harmony Flex Breast Pump – Review

Best Medela Harmony Flex Breast Pump 2021

Best Medela Harmony Flex Breast Pump (Review) – The Medela Harmony Breast Pump (Yellow) is ideal for mothers who travel a lot. It’s lightweight, compact, and stylish so that you can take it anywhere. The breast pump has been tested for quality and ease of use, so you will have no trouble storing or immediately feeding your baby any time of the day. Plus, Medela Harmony is recommended for Indian mothers because there will be no shortage of natural breast milk to keep the baby feed.

Best Medela Harmony Flex Breast Pump 2021


  • Quiet and easy to use.
  • Dishwasher cleaning safe.
  • Made from safe silicone material.
  • Comes with a stand and three membranes.


  • Requires manual pumping.


Here’re some detailed features of the Medela Harmony Flex Breast Pump:


The flex breast pump is quite comfortable to use with full pumping sessions to store milk without tiring your hands. In one session, you can take out as much breast milk for an entire day to keep your baby feed with good-sized portions. The Medela Harmony has a 24mm breast shield that protects you and fits perfectly on any size woman. The breast shield is also replaceable, and you can choose between 21 mm to 36 mm size according to your needs.


Medela Harmony is one of the few brands that come with an expression technology to mimic the breastfeeding process, making it more natural. The rotating handle mechanism is practical and easy to understand, which minimizes any confusion while switching between pumping and feeding your baby with an effective shield for reducing leakage. Plus, the Valve head, valve membrane, component handle, and diaphragm stem with O-ring are some great features attached with the pump to make a mom’s life easier.


Cleaning the bottle is way easier than you think. All parts come apart one by one, so you can wash the bottle by hand or in a dishwasher to save some time with water while maintaining proper hygiene for your baby.

If your membrane gets lost or damaged, you can order a new one that is quick to replace and readily available online for all mums out there. Also, the breast pump’s silicone material reduces any milk smell, so you don’t have to clean the bottle after every feeding.


The Medela Harmony breast pump features a child-friendly design with yellow colors. It is made from solid silicone material and offers 100% safety for strong breast milk for multiple hours.

The bottle looks small and efficient but can hold 150ml of milk in one pumping, which gives you more room for various servings. Moreover, the bottom stand of this pump has a flat base, so the bottle will stay still and minimize any wastage of milk by spilling, making the Medela Harmony Flex Breast Pump ideal for Indian mums.


Unlike electrical pumps, the Medela Harmony Manual Breastpump makes minimum to no noise to never disturb your baby while sleeping. Now you can quickly pump and store milk in the same room as your baby without any loud and squeaky noises coming from the bottle.

The pump has been tested many times, so you won’t attract attention with such low noise levels that can surprise you at your home or at the park while pumping milk.

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