2022 Great Indian Festival sales on Amazon

50-inch 4K LED smart TVs from brands like LG, Samsung, and others are on sale for more than 30% less.

Here is a list of a few smart TVs from well-known manufacturers including Sony, Samsung, and LG.

With certain bank cards and payment processors, customers may also take advantage of additional savings.

Available for Rs 37,999 at a 37% discount is the Mi 5X series (original price Rs 59,999)

With a 39% discount, the Samsung Crystal 4K Series is offered for Rs 41,990. (original price Rs 68,400)

Available for Rs 48,821 with a 30% discount is the LG UP7550 (original price Rs 69,990)

Sony Bravia is offered at a 33% discount for Rs. 57,940. (original price Rs 85,900)

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