Anusha Dandekar Forwarded This Article to Yuvraj Singh, Her "Favorite Human"

Anusha Dandekar, a VJ actor, is thrilled that she finally got to meet Yuvraj Singh, a friend and former cricket player.

Anusha posted photos of her encounter with Yuvraj on Instagram.

The pictures show the two giving one other a cosy hug.

"Last night, I reconnected with one of my favourite people after years! Yuvi, I've been missing you and your lovely! I've loved you forever "She wrote the post's caption.

Yuvraj responded to the tweet by saying, "Long time dande wali." Internet users also left comments in the section.

Recently, Yuvraj was spotted competing in the Road Safety World Series 2022.

His 73 runs were scored throughout six games. There were just four times he batted.

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