Apple's New Game Changing Technology - Check out here

Apple’s iPhone 14 Pro range is expected to deliver a huge camera upgrade over the current flagship models.  

New documentation directly from Apple details a new design that could bring much bigger improvements to future iPhones.  

Apple’s plans to bring a powerful periscopic telephoto lens to the iPhone. this would give the iPhone the boost in optical zoom it would need to compete with, and even surpass, the best Android rivals such as Samsung’s Galaxy S22 Ultra.  

Apple’s current flagship, The iPhone 13 Pro Max, offers a modest 3x ‘optical zoom’, whereas the Galaxy S22 Ultra extends this feature to 10x zoom 

Apple’s latest design goes a step further in that it will offer a true optical zoom with a variable level of magnification from a single lens.   

This would allow the camera to avoid one of the main drawbacks of current smartphone zoom  and maintain high quality across the whole zoom range.  

According to Apple’s patent, the new lens would offer a continuous optical zoom range between 3x and 5x with an aperture of between f/2.3 and f/2.9.   

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