Today's dance, according to Asha Parekh, seems to be performing exercises and forgetting about culture.

Asha Parekh, a well-known actress and dancer in her day, not only dominated the movie business for decades.

yet she was also king or queen of hearts.

With the success of "Dil Deke Dekho," Asha Parekh gained fame and was every hero's and filmmaker's first option.

The way Asha Parekh danced also caught people's attention.

However, Asha Parekh finds it very upsetting that dancing is now being used in movies. 

According to Asha Parekh, we are adopting western culture while ignoring our own culture. 

Asha Parekh laments the fact that the Hindi film industry is currently ignoring its heritage and traditions in the field of dance.

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