How GM intends to persuade people to convert to electric vehicles

GM is "all-in" on electric cars, with models ranging from the Hummer to the Cadillac Lyriq to an all-electric Silverado.

The Hummer was closed to new bookings due to overwhelming demand at the premium end of the automotive market for limited supply.

As Tesla, Ford, and GM compete for future EV buyers, Deborah Wahl, GM's senior marketing officer, tells CNBC, "We have to be even more innovative."

There is more competitive activity and, I believe, more invention than at any previous period in automotive history since horses were replaced by automobiles."

When most people think of electric automobiles, they think of Tesla.

However, Elon Musk's business suddenly faces significant EV competition from Detroit.

General Motors CEO Mary Barra has pushed the firm toward a total transition from gas vehicles to electric vehicles during the last six years as deals have been struck.

By 2027, GM intends to offer up to 175,000 electric vehicles to Hertz Global.

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