In Dubai, a Chinese business is testing an electric flying taxi.

On Monday, a Chinese company tested an electric flying taxi in Dubai, providing a peek of future technology that might one day whisk people across cities well above any traffic.

The XPeng X2, created by the aviation subsidiary of Guangzhou-based XPeng Inc., is one of hundreds of flying automobile ventures throughout the world.

Only a few have been tested successfully with passengers on board, and it will be several years before any are placed into operation.

The demonstration on Monday used an empty cockpit, but the corporation claims it will do a human flying test in July 2021.

The sleekly built vehicle seats two people and is propelled by eight propellers. According to the firm, it has a peak speed of 130 kilometres per hour.

Unlike aircraft and helicopters, eVTOL, or "electric vertical takeoff and landing," vehicles provide fast point-to-point personal transport.

The pilotless vehicles might one day carry commuters across town high above clogged highways.

However, the industry still confronts significant problems, including as battery life, air traffic control and safety, and infrastructural issues.

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