In the first half of the fiscal year, Indian firms improved their credit quality and experienced an improvement in credit rating upgrades.

According to a report released by ICRA on Monday, the corporate credit ratio  in H1FY23 was 3.3 as opposed to 2.8 in H1FY22.

The real estate, engineering, textiles, banking, road, and construction industries saw the most advances.

The majority of credit rating improvements go to businesses that lease out commercial office space.

Major improvements were made by small to midsize NBFCs with loan books between Rs 500 crore and Rs 10,000 crore.

The shift in customer preferences toward branded clothing resulted in significant improvements for makers of branded garments.

Public investment initiatives in irrigation, water supply, and underground tunnelling are included in the construction, engineering, and road sectors.

After the epidemic, businesses were able to recover and cut back on capital expenditures.

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