Iranian passenger jet makes a bomb threat in Indian airspace as it heads toward China

After receiving a bomb threat for an immediate landing in Delhi, the airline scrambled IAF Su-30MKI fighter planes from the airfields in Punjab and Jodhpur to intercept the plane.

An Iranian passenger plane reported a "Bomb threat" while flying across Indian airspace toward China.

According to news outlet ANI, the Indian Air Force has confirmed that the Mahan Air flight with a bomb threat that was headed to China has left Indian airspace.

After receiving the information, IAF jets were scrambled, and we were following it while keeping a safe distance in accordance with SOPs.

However, after Iranian officials begged us to dismiss the threat, the aircraft was permitted to continue on its trip toward China.

Up to the point that it departed Indian airspace, we kept a tight eye on it. The plane has now left Indian airspace, they said.

Earlier, a foreign aircraft with an Iranian provenance was heading for the airspace over New Delh

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