Madhuri Dixit Buy New Luxury Flat In Mumbai - check out in detail

Every day the news includes Madhuri Dixit.

Recently, a rumour circulated claiming that the actress Madhuri Dixit had just purchased an apartment in Mumbai.

In Mumbai's Lower Parel neighbourhood, on the 53rd floor of a posh building complex, lies the actress' new apartment, which costs Rs 48 crore.

This property was registered on September 28, 2022, according to the report. It was purchased by Madhuri Dixit in Lower Parel's Indiabulls Blue neighbourhood.

The luxury property in Worli, South Mumbai, is stretched out over 10 acres of land and boasts breathtaking views of the Arabian Sea, according to the Indiabulls website.

It features a sizable pool, a football field, a gym, a spa, a club, and several other amenities.

The apartment reportedly features seven parking spots and a 5,384 square foot floor size.

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