What is a Metaverse Technology? - Check out the complete story to know more 

A Metaverse represents a combinatorial innovation, as it requires multiple technologies and trends to function.   

To understand the concepts of a Metaverse, think of it as the next version of the Internet  

There is a lot of excitement around Metaverse as it is the future for latest technological inventions 

It is expected that a Metaverse will provide persistent, decentralized, collaborative and interoperable opportunities and business models that will enable organizations to extend digital business.  

Today there are many individual use cases and products, all creating their own versions of a Metaverse.  

Metaverse technology will be useful in Higher education, medical, military and other types of trades can deliver a more immersive learning experience.   

The adoption of Metaverse technologies is still at an early stage, so business leaders should limit their investments there.  

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