YouTube may only allow premium subscribers to view 4K videos - check out in detail

According to reports, YouTube is testing the idea of making 4K video resolution a feature that is only accessible to those who pay for YouTube Premium.

Some YouTube users, but not all, may only be able to use the 2160p (4K) option if they have a Premium account.

Over the last month, posts concerning some customers discovering a "Premium" tag on the 4K choice have begun emerging, Ars Technica noticed Tuesday (Oct. 4).

Members of YouTube Premium, a premium subscription that costs $11.99 a month, can see videos.

The majority of consumers—about two thirds—use streaming services.

According to PYMNTS data, 62.6% of customers had active streaming service subscriptions in July, down from 69.7% in May.

The study discovered a little rise in retail subscription service cancellations as consumers reduce their recurring payments.

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